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I Feel Like a Failure

I’m not in control. I’m not perfect. And I feel like my life is falling apart. You see, I felt horrible that I had disappointed someone.

Finding the Courage to Stay

Trying out a new church has taken on the flavor of embarking on an adventure, requiring bravery and courage. But it also requires courage to stay.

I Want to Be a Better Person

I want so much to be a better person. I make efforts to be better, then get exhausted and stop and then go back to worrying and try again. It’s a sad cycle.

A Fresh College Grad — Without a Job

This summer I came home — a fresh college graduate — without a job. I had applied and applied and heard nothing back from the majority of companies. Out of 15 to 20 applications, I had only two interviews lined up for when I came home. My embarrassment …

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