Matt Stickel

Matt Stickel

Matt Stickel is blessed to share people’s amazing, heart-breaking and inspirational stories for a living. He regularly writes and shares stories about lives being transformed by God’s grace at the rescue mission he works at in Colorado Springs and regularly challenges others to pause and think about important topics like introversion and depression on his own blog. He’s happily married to the most encouraging and hard-working wife. He enjoys simple pleasures like cooking yummy food, reading history books and taking long hikes in the woods with the aim of getting lost.

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Gentlemen Don’t Finish Last

The other day I saw another single man complaining on Facebook about how nice guys always finish last. But the premise is false.

Help! I’m Singled Out

Does your single status seem like a problem that needs to be fixed? If you’re worried you’re being singled out, here are three things to watch for.

Too Good to Fail?

Failure is debilitating when we let it define who we are. When you fail at something, are you ashamed? Even if it’s not a sinful failure?

What Does It Take to Lead?

Others may not take you seriously as a leader until you reach a certain age or hold a specific job title. Don’t let that stop you from leading.

The Many Faces of Depression

Earlier this month, Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade tragically committed suicide. Their suicides shocked fans and friends alike. No one saw this coming.

Grieving After a Breakup

Breakups happen. They’re sloppy, they’re ugly, and the emotional distress they create is undeniable. It’s because the emotional distress is real that you must take breakups seriously, even when no one else seems to care. When I encountered my first bro …

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