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Vance Fry

Vance Fry has been an editor in the media publishing group at Focus on the Family since 2010. Prior to his time at Focus, Vance was an editor and English teacher with Overseas Radio and Television in Taipei, Taiwan. Vance and his wife Marcia (pronounced with a silent final “a”) have four children. In his free time, Vance enjoys hanging out with his family and making stuff in the garage.

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What Does a Good Singles Ministry Look Like?

I’ve noticed a theme winding through some of the conversations around these parts: Churches seemed to have dropped the ball when it comes to singles ministry. Consider a few comments from a recent post: My biggest issue has been that the churches I’ve …

Myth or Math: There Just Aren’t Enough Good Guys

My wife recently attended a good friend’s wedding. When she returned, she had several pictures to share and stories to tell, so we spent some time clicking through her photo album. One picture was of the bride’s (ex) singles group from the church she a …

What Makes a Great First Date?

Not long ago, I took my three daughters to see some animated film at a local second-run theater. When the credits began to roll, I started picking up the wreckage of snack remains under our little group of seats. In the row in front of us, a young coup …

Closure After a Tough Breakup

These letters from guys had something in common: A need to understand why the breakup happened and to know how they can improve in future relationships.

First Snow

Have you had your first snowfall of the year yet? Here in Colorado Springs, the nearby mountains have been frost-topped for nearly a month now, but I hadn’t seen any snow here in town until a morning last week when a coworker announced — in excitement …

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