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December 30, 2021

A Fresh Look at a New Year: Episode 726

49:09 – 

Healthy attitudes for approaching a new year, plus self-care and goal-setting strategies, and hope for emotional eaters.     

Featured musical artist: Jeremy Rosado

Roundtable: Out With the Old, In With the New

‘Tis the season to straddle the “what-ifs” of last year and the “if-onlys” of the year to come. But what’s the right attitude and a healthy balance to have as the calendar turns the page? Our guests reflect on both the victories and missed opportunities from 2021 as well as what helps them stay optimistic about 2022. 

How to Survive Christmas as a Single Girl

Culture: The Right Kind of Goals

Setting resolutions is all the rage in a new year. But it’s common to set lots of lofty goals only to have them fail by mid-January. The first step in successful goal-setting is having the right goals and the right ways of going after them. Licensed professional counselor Easton Coleman and organizational development specialist Andrew Montgomery get down to the nitty-gritty in talking goals and strategies for everything from mental health to professional development to life plans. 

Inbox: Emotional Eating

Her struggle with weight has been lifelong, as has her mom’s nagging about it. She knows her mom means well, but the pressure leads to anxiety which leads to more emotional eating. Can she develop a healthy mindset about food that will give her the tools necessary to move forward? Counselor Elaine Humphries weighs in.  

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