The Boundless Show with Lisa Anderson
August 15, 2019

Are Millennials Really Narcissistic?: Episode 602

48:09 – 

Shedding the “narcissist” label, plus resetting broken relationships, and the struggle of moving on from a friendlationship.

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The Boundless Show: Roundtable Segment
Roundtable Segment

Millennials or ME-lennials?

20:19 – 

Older generations argue that millennials are narcissists, and some millennials have come to believe the hype. But is that label accurate? Our panel has experienced the stereotyping, but what’s the balance between being overly obsessed with self and merely self-aware or responsible? What’s clinical narcissistic behavior and what’s just selfishness? When is it OK to look out for your best interests, and when is it time to be others-focused? We dig deep to give practical answers to these tough questions. 

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The Boundless Show: Culture Segment
Culture Segment

Resetting Relationships

20:33 – 

We’ve all been there. A friend turns on us or a relationship with a family member goes sour. These distressing situations sometimes end up damaging our self-worth or cause us to feel isolated and alone. But as psychotherapist Dr. Laurel Shaler says, Christ’s model of relational health, forgiveness and redemption has the power to keep us from spiraling into shame or anger when relationships go bad. Instead, learn how to reset your relationships and move them forward in a God-honoring way.

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The Boundless Show: Inbox Segment
Inbox Segment

Letting Go of a Friendlationship

3:42 – 

She was surprised and disappointed when the guy she was in a friendlationship with told her he wasn’t ready to take it to the next level. Now she’s stuck wondering if she should stick around in case he eventually changes his mind, or if she should just let it go and look for love elsewhere. Lisa shares her thoughts.

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