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October 6, 2022

Awareness Vs. Worry: Episode 766

54:31 – 

The line from awareness to worry, plus readying your relationship for trials, and should you attend a Christian’s wedding to a non-Christian?

Featured musical artist: John Waller

Roundtable: Informed but Calm 

Life is filled with unknowns. No matter how hard we try to predict the future, we can’t — nor can we adjust our circumstances to avoid pain. As we ponder what’s ahead, it’s one thing to be aware of what’s happening in the world, but it’s very draining to always worry about it. But is staying worry-free even possible? Our guests discuss ways they’ve struggled with worry, plus how they’re learning to trust God now while still acknowledging and being concerned by what’s going on around them.

Culture: When Your Relationship Faces a Storm

As an expert on marriage, Gary Thomas loves to see couples fall in love. However, with 38 years of marriage experience, he’s very aware of the types of challenges couples inevitably walk through. Is there a way to prepare mentally, spiritually and emotionally for the tough times? When you’re dating someone, can you know if he or she will stay committed through thick and thin? Gary offers several examples and lots of biblical truth and encouragement to prepare you for marriage’s bumpy road.

Making Your Marriage a Fortress: Strengthening Your Marriage to Withstand Life’s Storms

Inbox: A Christian Marrying a Non-Christian 

Her Christian friend is engaged to a non-Christian, and she’s been invited to their wedding. When her friend was dating this guy, friends spoke up but were ignored. The couple has now moved in together. In light of these concerns, should our listener attend the wedding or not? Counselor Tim Sanford weighs in.

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