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July 11, 2024

Be Yourself on Dates: Episode 858

55:12 – 

Don’t be fake while dating, plus Kris Swiatocho’s testimony as a single adult, and should a guy ask a girl out even after he’s been friendzoned?      

Featured musical artist: Jeremy Rosado

Roundtable: Dating as the Real You

It’s great to date someone who’s comfortable in their own skin. So why do so many of us try to impress a date by acting like someone else? Whether we fake interest in their hobbies or we exaggerate (lie) about our accomplishments, we think becoming a version of someone they might like is better than being just plain old us. But no one wants to date a poser, so our panel delves into a spirited discussion on the topic and gives encouragement to be real, whatever the cost.  

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Culture: Lessons From a Lifelong Single (Part 1)

Kris Swiatocho had a rough start as a young adult. She admits she wasn’t walking with the Lord, so after a season of partying and poor relationship choices, Kris saw the chance to join a Christian community — and took it. After witnessing what churches do well and not so well in ministering to the unmarried, she started The Singles Network Ministries. Today she speaks to singles around the world about friendship, dating, finding community, and following Jesus — whatever your relationship status. 

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Inbox: After She’s Friendzoned You 

A girl at church has already friendzoned him. Should he still try to ask her out, or just let it be? Counselor Patrick Hill weighs in.

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