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September 23, 2021

Bias in the News: Episode 712

50:21 – 

Sifting through bias in today’s news, plus part one on a Christian’s approach to dating, and are you taking your relationship too slowly?      

Featured musical artist:  About a Mile 

Roundtable: Spotting Media Bias

You scan the morning headlines to find out what’s happening in the world. But the more you read, the more it feels like the reporter wrote an opinion column instead of a news story. That can only mean one thing: bias! The fact is, we all have it, but is there a way to read or watch the news without letting bias cloud the truth? Our guests share their experiences working in various media outlets and how they keep up with current events while maintaining a balanced perspective.   

Culture: How Should I Date? (Part 1)

You long to be married someday, but before you find a mate, you must be willing to go on some dates. Well, is there a right way to date? Eric Demeter is a single guy who knows the ups and downs of dating, and has sought the wisdom of both Scripture and godly mentors. In part one of our conversation, he’ll debunk some common myths about dating that many of us believe, and tell us how to start with a solid relationship foundation.    

Inbox: Are We Going Too Slow?

She just started dating her boyfriend and doesn’t want to take things too quickly. However, his friends typically get engaged and married within a short time of starting a relationship. How can she know if their relationship is on track or moving too slowly? Lisa Anderson weighs in. 

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