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December 1, 2022

Boomers Aren’t All Bad: Episode 774

1:02:52 – 

Honoring people of different generations, plus going eyes wide open into marriage, and what if your parents don’t like your significant other?

Featured musical artist:  Kerrie Roberts 

Roundtable: Showing Honor to Other Generations

Gen X, Baby Boomers, Gen Z and Millennials. Every generation is distinctive, each with its unique perspectives, habits, and cultural references. Is it possible for these generations to learn from each other and even — wait for it — get along? Members of four generations sit at the table this week to discuss the hallmarks of their own “tribe” but also to approach work, relationships, communication and more with generational differences (not to mention humility) in mind.

Culture: Preparing for an Honest Marriage

Nobody walks into marriage perfectly prepared. Whether it’s baggage, misconceptions, pride or all three, all married couples must confront their brokenness if their relationship is to survive. With decades of pre-marital counseling experience and wisdom from his 40-plus-year marriage, Bob Lepine has mentored a wide variety of couples with an even wider scope of issues. He’ll offer insights on how to approach marriage with your eyes and heart open, and how to make the most important things the main things both before and after tying the knot.

Inbox: When Your Parents Don’t Approve

The holidays are a great time to introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to your parents. But what do you do when your mom and dad say they don’t approve of your match? Counselor Tim Sanford weighs in.

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