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September 9, 2021

Calling All Sports Fans: Episode 710

51:11 – 

Enjoying sports without idolizing them, plus embracing God’s purpose for your life, and a “sleeping together” conundrum.    

Featured musical artist: Love and the Outcome

Roundtable: Do Sports Rule Your Life?

With football season officially here, many will now be glued to their TVs for weeks. For some, sports are a fun pastime. For others, seeing their favorite team lose will ruin their day. Is there a way to enjoy watching your favorite team without letting their performance and your fandom run your life? Our guests discuss sports they enjoy and ways they’ve learned to be avid sports fans while still keeping their priorities straight.

Culture: When Purpose Feels Far Away

All of us deal with doubt when it comes to our true calling. Jonathan Evans wrestled with that same feeling after his NFL career fell apart. Being the son of famous preacher Dr. Tony Evans, Jonathan felt intense pressure to make his life count. But in the middle of his disappointment, God opened some amazing and unexpected doors. If you’re struggling with finding your purpose in life, you’ll be encouraged by this discussion.    

Inbox: My Brother Sleeps With His Girlfriend at My House

She lives with her mom, and when her brother and his girlfriend come over, her mom lets them sleep together. She’s uncomfortable with her brother’s behavior, but her mom (also a Christian) doesn’t seem to want to speak up. Is it time to confront this? Pastor Mark Bates weighs in. 

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