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May 27, 2021

Christian Leaders and Moral Failure (Part 2): Episode 695

55:57 – 

Finding family as a single, plus pastors discuss how to respond when a Christian leader falls, and overcoming different backgrounds in dating.  

Featured musical artist: Zach Williams 

Roundtable: Finding Family as a Single

Singleness can feel lonely, but it also has unique opportunities for wonderful friendships. While you might not have found that special someone yet, you still have amazing chances to make last memories and connect with friends who feel like family. Our guests share how they’ve learned to find family as a single Christian after moving to a new town. They’ll also discuss how they’re learning to combat feelings of loneliness.       

Culture: When a Pastor or Christian Leader Falls (Part 2)

It’s become an all-too-common headline: another pastor caught in a scandal — whether sexual, financial, an abuse of power, or some other egregious failure. For certain followers, the news is so devastating, they walk away from the church. The rest of us are left to ask: What do I do? Are there any faithful leaders left? Can I trust my own pastor, or will he be next? We brought in a panel of pastors to answer the hard questions. In part two this week, they’ll address whether someone can be a Christian after a big moral slide, and how to respond when a leader fails us.        

When A Spiritual Leader Falls 

Inbox: Different Backgrounds in Dating

She’s dating a solid Christian guy, but wonders if their pasts disqualify them from dating? For one, he struggled with a porn addiction, which he has dealt with. Plus, her dad is skeptical that their background differences could eventually cause problems in the relationship. Counselor Patrick Hill offers hope and gives some practical thoughts.    

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