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May 18, 2023

Christians and Alcohol: Episode 798

56:03 – 

Finding joy amid depression, plus Jonathan Pokluda on Christians and alcohol, and should high-schoolers date?

Featured musical artist:  Hollyn 

Roundtable: Finding Joy When It Feels Impossible

Christians are called to live joyful lives; after all, joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit. But how do you find joy when your entire world feels dark and hopeless? Our guests know the deep valleys of depression and anxiety; they have fought for joy in the trenches and have seen God show up. They’ll share their personal journeys as well as insight and encouragement for those struggling to trust God’s goodness from under the heaviness of life’s burdens.

Paul’s Book: Beauty in the Browns: Walking With Christ in the Darkness of Depression

Link to Counseling Services 

Culture: What Does the Bible Say About Booze?

For Christians, consuming alcohol is a divisive subject. Wherever you are on the “is it OK?” spectrum, there is biblical wisdom around the issue that everyone should consider. Pastor Jonathan Pokluda shares his own relationship, past and present, with drinking, and he and Lisa discuss current cultural cues around alcohol that could benefit from a healthier, God-honoring perspective.

Link to Article: The Latest Buzz Around Christians and Alcohol

Inbox: Dating in High School

Are high-schoolers too young to date? Why or why not? Counselor Geremy Keeton weighs in.

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