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August 26, 2021

Entertainment Discernment: Episode 708


Wisdom in entertainment choices, plus the seeds of the transgender movement, and being vulnerable in a dating relationship.    

Featured musical artist: Abandon

Roundtable: Making Healthy Entertainment Choices

Movies, music, books, binge-worthy TV, and everything on demand — the world is simply flooded with entertainment. With so much access to content, it’s never been more important to use discernment in the types of entertainment we consume. But where do you personally draw the line, and how do you decide? Our panel of guests discuss what they enjoy watching and listening to, and what is a no-go. Whether it’s sexual content, language, violence or certain themes, they give principles for wise decision-making when taking in what’s out there today.   

Culture: History of Transgenderism

It’s an old saying: “To understand the present, you have to look at the past.” The same is true for the shift in sexual ethics we’re seeing today. Dr. Carl Trueman has done extensive research on this topic, and traces transgenderism and other gender fluidity and choice issues back to prominent philosophers and cultural watersheds. He also suggests an appropriate response to this complicated topic.   

Inbox: Feeling Confident … Except in Dating

She’s forthright in friendships and her career. But when it comes to dating, she struggles with vulnerability and confidence. She doesn’t want this pattern to continue in her new relationship. What can she do? Counselor Elaine Humphries weighs in.

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