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August 3, 2023

Friendly Interference: Episode 809

59:44 – 

Butting into a friend’s dating life, plus making church a haven for victims of abuse, and what if your best friend doesn’t like your other friends?  

Featured musical artist:  Austin Stone Worship

Roundtable: Getting Involved in Your Friend’s Dating Life

Your friend is dating and you see something in the relationship that concerns you. Is it time to speak up? If so, how? How much input should you have in friends’ relationships, anyway? Our guests (one married, one engaged, one single) offer pointers on how to “meddle with grace” in situations like these.

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Culture: Is Church a Safe Place for the Abused?

Dr. James Reeves felt God call him to make the church he pastored a place of healing for those who’ve been sexually abused. The impact of the church’s ministry has been felt throughout the Dallas community since its inception, and now it is leading the way for other churches to follow suit. Dr. Reeves and Focus on the Family counselor Geremy Keeton discuss why church should be the safest place for those who’ve been abused, and what it looks like to make that happen.      

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Inbox: Best Friend vs. Other Friends

Your best friend feels he or she doesn’t fit in with your other friends, and isn’t afraid to say so. Is this a problem with your bestie or with everyone else? How can you discuss this in a loving and constructive manner? Counselor Tim Sanford weighs in. 

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