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July 7, 2022

Getting Married in Your 30s: Episode 753

54:26 – 

Advice for marrying in your 30s, plus part two of a dating Q&A with Jonathan Pokluda, and maximizing your engagement season.

Featured musical artist:   Nathan Tasker

Roundtable: Marriage Challenges For 30-Somethings

Marrying in your 30s gives you the benefits of a little more life experience, stability and (hopefully) maturity. But it also comes with unique challenges. You’ve become more settled in your ways, you’ve accumulated some baggage, and you’re maybe a bit more cynical. Nate and Melinda recently married in their 30s and did the hard work of addressing some of their individual issues before tying the knot. Dr. Trent Langhofer counseled them individually as well as together to help give their marriage the healthiest start possible. All three join us this week to share their journey.

Culture: Dating Q&A With Jonathan Pokluda (Part 2) 

After years of working with young adults, Pastor Jonathan (JP) Pokluda has fielded just about every dating question you could imagine. He joins us to answer even more, and this time they’re your questions — asked by live audience members and submitted on social media. In part two this week, JP answers questions about reaching the commitment stage of a relationship, how to know if a guy is truly interested in you, and the worst dating advice he’s ever heard.

Inbox: Making the Most of Engagement

She’s recently engaged and is wondering how to maximize this season. What are the best ways to prepare for marriage? What should she and her fiance keep in mind? Besides doing premarital counseling, should they read a book, set some goals, focus on certain conversations — or all of the above? Counselor Glenn Lutjens weighs in. 

How We Love: Discover Your Love Style, Enhance Your Marriage

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