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March 3, 2022

Let Him Lead?: Episode 735

55:11 – 

The desire for control in dating, plus navigating life transitions, and are you spending too much time with your boyfriend or girlfriend?           

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Roundtable: Who’s Leading Your Relationship?

In an ideal world, everyone in a relationship would be perfectly sacrificial, always seeking the good of the other person, and finding a just-right balance of leadership and following, giving and taking. But we’re not in the real world. Here at Boundless, we find that daters get especially frustrated because they don’t think their partner is doing the “right thing.” Generally, women say men are too passive, and men say women are too controlling. Is this true? How do we encourage godly leadership in men while not taking a woman’s voice away? Our guests share how they navigated the tricky space of leadership and control while dating and discussing marriage with their now-spouses.   

Culture: The Only Constant Is Change

Changes and transitions are part of life. You go from college to the professional world, you move to a new place, change jobs, change jobs again, start dating, then transition to marriage and having kids. But is there a way to do life transitions well when there are no easy formulas? Pastor Mark Bates just went through a major career transition and shares how he trusted God to get him through. He also reflects on transitions back when he was a young adult, and how everything has prepared him for where he is today.   

Inbox: Am I Spending Too Much Time With My Girlfriend?

He recently started dating a girl, but she always wants to spend time together. It’s very early in the dating relationship, and with work and other commitments he’s starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. How should he handle this? Lisa Anderson weighs in.  

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