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September 14, 2023

Looking for Spiritual Maturity: Episode 815

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Stories of porn addiction recovery, plus finding belonging as a Christian, and how to know if your boyfriend is spiritually mature. 

Featured musical artist:   Liz Vice 

Roundtable: Overcoming Porn Addiction (Part 2) 

Pornography addiction is increasingly common today, even among Christians. It’s a struggle many don’t want to admit, and freedom often feels out of reach. But our guests have broken the pornography cycle, and they join us this week to share more from the stories they began last week, including what worked (and what didn’t) and why through God’s grace, freedom from sexual sin is possible.      

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Culture: Fitting Into the Family of God

Katy McCown and her family moved six times in 10 years thanks to her husband’s NFL career. Uprooting yet again, her feelings of loneliness were acute. As an antidote, she had to aggressively pursue community at church and in smaller circles. She’ll share some of her best tips for making it work, with Scriptural applications for plugging in, welcoming others, and carrying friendships into a new season.

Inbox: Is My Boyfriend Spiritually Mature? 

Her boyfriend is 20 years old and she’s wondering if his maturity is “on par” for his age. She’s nervous about predicting the health of their relational future with little data. How much spiritual maturity should she expect from him right now? Counselor Jerry Jones weighs in.

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