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February 15, 2024

Male Friendship: Episode 837

54:17 – 

Finding fun and inspiration in other men, plus Scott Kedersha on doing devotions as a dating couple, and how guys can serve single moms.          

Featured musical artist:  Love and the Outcome 

Roundtable: Finding Quality Male Friends

Guys, who’s someone from your friend group you can laugh and have fun with? And who inspires and challenges you? The truth is, we need both types of friends. This week, a group of guys tells which of their friendships bring out the best in them, how they cultivate them, and why these types of friendships matter.                            

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Culture: Devotions for Dating Couples

Spiritual compatibility is the most important part of your dating relationship, but we’ve heard that going too deep spiritually with your date can force inappropriate intimacy. Is there a balance? Pastor Scott Kedersha from Harris Creek Baptist Church has written a devotional for couples who are dating or engaged. He’ll discuss healthy boundaries in praying with your date, how to study the Bible together, and why knowing a person’s spiritual patterns and beliefs is good intel for assessing marriage potential.        

Inbox: Men Serving Single Moms

Our listener has many friends who are single mothers. He wants to reach out and offer practical help, but how can he do so without overstepping his bounds? Counselor Patrick Hill weighs in.

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