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June 20, 2024

Men on Modesty: Episode 855

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Men discuss the implications of modesty, plus Dr. Jake Porter on singles and sexuality, and what about dating couples who act married?  

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Roundtable: Men and Women Talk Modesty (Part 1)

Many of us heard about the importance of modesty growing up: “Dress appropriately.” “Don’t cause your friend to stumble.” “What would Jesus do?” But what is modesty, what’s the biblical instruction on it, and is it just about clothes (or a lack of them)? This week we begin a two-part discussion on the underlying motivations and practical application of modesty. In part one, a panel of guys shares how modesty is a matter of the heart, what they appreciate from sisters in Christ, and their encouragement to girls who feel overlooked. (Next week, the women have their turn.) 

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Culture: Singles and Sexuality (Part 1)

What if sexuality is about so much more than having sex and not breaking the rules? What are the unique takeaways for singles in particular? Dr. Jake Porter is a therapist who has researched extensively on sexuality, especially as it manifests apart from marriage and sex. He joins us for a provocative discussion featuring findings from his own background and the state of singleness in the United States today.     

Rethinking Sexuality: God’s Design and Why It Matters

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Inbox: Should a Dating Couple Act Married?

Is there a point in a dating relationship where a couple can and should act married? Why or why not? Counselor Jenny Coffey weighs in.  

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