January 22, 2015

Not Just a Women’s Issue: Episode 364

49:28 – 

What pregnancy centers can do for you, plus Roland Warren brings the family back into the pro-life debate, and a listener worries that her fiancé is too thin.

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Episode Segments

The Boundless Show: Roundtable Segment
Roundtable Segment

Inside a Pregnancy Center

20:07 – 

For those facing an unplanned pregnancy, what does a pregnancy medical clinic have to offer? How does its services differ from Planned Parenthood’s? What role do PMCs play in helping men and women navigate pregnancy, birth and beyond? And what’s the responsibility of the church in all this? Dr. Diane Foley and Rob Denler of Life Network provide insight.

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The Boundless Show: Culture Segment
Culture Segment

Unplanned, but Not a Crisis

Guests: Roland Warren,

21:23 – 

He got his girlfriend pregnant in college, and her decision to keep the baby set in motion many decisions for both of them. Many years, multiple degrees, and two children later, Roland Warren is glad he and his now-wife Yvette chose both life and marriage. Now the president of CareNet, Roland is passionate about approaching pro-life issues holistically within a scriptural and family framework. The stories he tells will make you think differently about this important issue.

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