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July 22, 2021

Pet Lovers (And the Rest of Us): Episode 703

55:32 – 

The pros and cons of owning a pet, plus establishing better habits in your life, and is it wrong to attend a gay wedding? 

Featured musical artist: Nathan Tasker

Roundtable: Should I Get a Pet?

If you’ve ever wondered whether to add a furry (or not furry) friend to your home, you definitely want to tune in to this conversation. While having a pet can be a lot of fun, it’s also a tremendous amount of work — and often money. Our panel describes the ups and downs they’ve experienced with their pets. They also put a pet’s place in one’s life in perspective, and of course try to convince Lisa that pet ownership is in her future.   

Culture: Good Habits for a Healthy Life

In a world filled with worry and discouragement, it’s easy to give in, kick up our feet, and just watch television. But lazy habits only feed bad results. As a pastor, Steve Poe is passionate about helping people replace bad habits with good ones. In this candid conversation, he’ll share some of the worst habits that plague Christians today, and provide biblical insights and practical strategies for replacing them with life-giving ones instead.   

Inbox: Should I Attend a Gay Wedding?

She’s been invited to her coworker’s wedding — however, her coworker happens to be gay. They’ve worked together a long time and are friends, so should she attend the wedding, or must she as a Christian decline the invitation? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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