The Boundless Show with Lisa Anderson
April 21, 2016

Power Trip: Episode 429

51:52 – 

How fertility changes over time, plus author Laurie Polich Short on the value of flexibility, and a boyfriend gets investigated by a concerned dad.

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The Boundless Show: Roundtable Segment
Roundtable Segment

Future Families

21:49 – 

Modern medical strides aside, a woman’s biological clock is a real issue. Changes in fertility occur over time, and as a result there are key facts to be aware of. What do you need to know about the realities of fertility and reproduction? Our  panel of physicians diffuses the hype and provides honest information and encouragement to women and men as they consider their future families.

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The Boundless Show: Culture Segment
Culture Segment

God’s Fingerprints

22:34 – 

Being flexible is a life skill Laurie Polich Short is still learning after entering the world of marriage and step-parenting at age 49. For years it seemed her prayers didn’t match God’s answers, until she saw the value of holding her future with an open hand. After telling her story to Boundless a couple years ago, Laurie updates us on what God has taught her since we last spoke. Her discoveries will help you see God’s fingerprints in your own story.

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The Boundless Show: Inbox Segment
Inbox Segment

Investigating a Boyfriend

Guests: Greg Smalley,

5:04 – 

Does a father have a right to check out his daughter’s new boyfriend — like, with a private investigator? He did, and our listener felt compelled to inform her beau. He’s now upset and wants to talk to the family. This has our listener worried, and she’s wondering what to do to preserve the peace. Dr. Greg Smalley helps her figure out how to respond.

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