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January 20, 2022

Serving in Your City: Episode 729

51:51 – 

Volunteering in your community, plus Carey Nieuwhof on maximizing effectiveness, and should you reconnect with a high school love interest?        

Featured musical artist: Hollyn

Roundtable: Volunteering Where You Live

Whether it’s helping the homeless, being on a neighborhood committee, tutoring, or something out-of-the-box, the options for serving your community are endless. But how do you pick something and actually make it happen? How do you find a great fit that uses your gifting and passions? Our guests share how they volunteer locally and the process they went through to choose great ways to jump in and make a difference. 

Culture: Make the Most of Your Time (Part 1)

For years, Carey Nieuwhof struggled with workaholism, which eventually led to his burnout. After much prayer and recovery, he started budgeting his time and energy, and has seen incredible results. In part one of our conversation, Carey shares lessons from research and his own journey, discussing how to find the time when you’re most productive, why achieving balance in your schedule isn’t the best goal, and insights for eliminating ever-present distractions. 

Inbox: That Crush From High School

He asked her out in high school and she rejected him. Since then, he’s grown a lot in his faith, and recently started thinking about her again. Should he try to reconnect with her and see if she’d be interested now?  Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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