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September 28, 2023

Setting Up a Wedding Registry: Episode 817

53:47 – 

Creating a useful wedding registry, plus Peter Mutabazi’s journey from street kid to foster dad, and do most adults know if they want kids?

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Roundtable: Wedding Registry Advice

One of the most iconic tasks of the engagement season is setting up a wedding registry. But if you hop online and haphazardly add items, or run around a store with a scanner like your life depends on it, you’ll soon second-guess if you’re doing the whole registry thing right. (You’ll also be downright exhausted.) For advice on putting together a thoughtful and practical registry, we asked several of our newlywed friends to share lessons learned, out-of-the-box ideas, and how to avoid offending gift-givers. They also discuss gifts they got that have proven especially meaningful.

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Culture: From Street Kid to Single Dad

As a child in Uganda, Peter Mutabazi experienced life in a violent home. He escaped and ran hundreds of miles away to Kampala, where he lived on the streets. He survived this way for years until a young man showed him kindness; this small encounter changed everything. Now living in the United States, Peter is a foster and adoptive dad in addition to running a business and working in the nonprofit world. His story will inspire you as a reminder that God can redeem even the most broken situations.

Inbox: Do You Want Kids or Not?

Do most people know if they eventually want children? How much should having kids be prioritized, especially when so many young adults are delaying marriage? Counselor Geremy Keeton weighs in.

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