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December 10, 2020

Singled Out at Christmas?: Episode 671

54:00 – 

Feeling especially single during the holidays, plus the future of Christian marriage, and when the guy you like ignores you.  

Featured musical artist: Stu Garrard

Roundtable: Holiday Struggles for Singles

You’re anticipating the big question from your family members: “Are you dating someone yet?” Or perhaps you’re ramping up to be the third wheel yet again at holiday gatherings. Or maybe COVID and travel drama has gotten you disinvited from Christmas altogether. It’s easy to feel left out during the holidays — and this year, especially so. How can you prepare? Is there a way to not feel so alone? Our guests discuss the struggles of being single this time of year, and how relying on God’s strength and Christian community can sustain you. 

Culture: Where is Marriage Headed?

Many young adults, including Christians, are marrying later in life — or simply choosing to remain single. Some say it’s due to financial struggles, others blame career demands, and still others cite fear of picking the wrong person. Dr. Mark Regnerus is an expert in marriage and dating trends, and is here to share the findings on the future of Christian marriage from his latest research and interviews with young adults from around the world. He’ll also give some recommendations for finding a spouse in today’s cultural climate. 

Inbox: Introverted or Uninterested?

She met a guy at her church and really likes him, but he seems to only want to spend time with his guy friends. He doesn’t make any effort to communicate with her. How can she talk with him without being over the top? Our friend Josh Zeichik weighs in. 

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