The Boundless Show with Lisa Anderson
February 2, 2017

Spouse Selection: Episode 470

45:59 – 

What to look for in a spouse, plus Noel Heikkinen shows you how to be free, and a listener wants advice on dating a new believer.

Featured musical artist: Ellie Holcomb


Episode Segments

The Boundless Show: Roundtable Segment
Roundtable Segment

Spotting Marriage Material

22:14 – 

We all have our lists of what we’d like in a mate, but what are the traits that really promise a better chance at a successful marriage? Couples who have gone the distance know that some qualities are absolutely non-negotiable, and to spot and cultivate them before marriage is your best bet for marital happiness. Our panel talks through the list.

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The Boundless Show: Culture Segment
Culture Segment

Freedom and Holiness

17:10 – 

As Christians, we say we’re free. We even quote Scripture to prove it. But do we really believe what we say? Why do our lives reflect the opposite — a slavery to guilt and shame, and an endless attempt to earn God’s favor while sinning all the more? Noel Jesse Heikkinen says it’s possible to have freedom in Christ while practicing holiness. How? Here he shares the biblical truths and applications from his book Unchained.  

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The Boundless Show: Inbox Segment
Inbox Segment

Can I Marry a Baby Christian?

4:06 – 

Our listener is dating a new believer, but wonders if that’s wise. Are they unequally yoked? Should she wait to see more fruit in his life before going all in? What should she do with the relationship in the meantime? Lisa Anderson offers advice.

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