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April 15, 2021

The Fun and Fright of Asking Girls Out: Episode 689


Guys tell all about asking girls out, plus J.D. Greear on making your life count, and should she settle for a social media pursuer?  

Featured musical artist: Je’kob

Roundtable: How Guys Feel About Asking Girls Out

Asking a girl out is one of the hardest things for guys; it’s nerve-wracking and takes a lot of courage. Our guests relive what it was and is like for them to invite a girl on a date, and give guys tips for minimizing weirdness in the process. They also give the ladies advice for responding when a guy makes a move.   

Culture: Living With Eternity in Mind

We’re told the American Dream will make us happy, and many of us chase it relentlessly. But at the end of your life, will you care about your net worth or what car you drove? Pastor J.D. Greear reminds us that what we do for Jesus Christ will be what truly lasts. In the process, he downplays bucket lists and elusive “callings.” Oh, and as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, he briefly addresses the recent controversy surrounding Beth Moore’s denominational exit.     

Inbox: Social Media Pursuit

They’re in different states, and he stays in touch by frequently messaging her on Facebook. He seems to really like her, but she’s not interested. Time is ticking and no one else is asking; are chances running out for her to get married? Should she encourage this guy to make a move? Lisa Anderson weighs in.  

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