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September 15, 2022

The Question Game: Episode 763

56:50 – 

The art of asking good questions, plus more with Brant Hansen on purposeful men, and a listener fears her boyfriend will use porn again.

Featured musical artist: Ecclesia 

Roundtable: Asking Good Questions

One of Lisa Anderson’s favorite ways to get to know people is to play question games — the more meaningful or intriguing the question, the better. She cites recent research on the relational value of putting thought into questions, and asks this week’s guests how comfortable they are answering and asking questions. Then she poses three questions that everyone has to answer. Play along and join in the fun!

Culture: The Men We Need (Part 2)

Brant Hansen is on a mission to remind men of the vital role they play in making a society healthy. An “avid indoorsman” who plays the accordion, Brant assures us that being a man isn’t about beards or blowing things up, but about taking responsibility and doing good in the world. In his book “The Men We Need,” he offers six principles around what it means to be a godly man. This week we’ll discuss the final three: 1) Make women and children feel safe, not threatened, 2) choose today who you will become tomorrow and 3) take responsibility for your own spiritual life.

Inbox: Will a Past Porn Struggle Resurface?

Her boyfriend previously struggled with pornography, but it was months before they met. She’s concerned that even though he’s doing well now, he may fall back into this sin at some point. Are her fears founded? Counselor Geremy Keeton weighs in.

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