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June 16, 2022

What Must They Think of Me?: Episode 750

51:56 – 

Letting go of what others think of you, plus Nick Hall’s modern vision for evangelism, and is it too early to define the relationship?

Featured musical artist:  Danen Kane

Roundtable: Don’t Be a Slave to Others’ Opinions

We’ve all been guilty of walking into a room and immediately wondering what everyone thinks of us. But truth be told, most people aren’t thinking about us — they’re thinking about themselves. How can we live confidently without constantly worrying about others’ good opinion? Our guests share their own struggles in this area and give helpful ways to be aware of how we are viewed by others without being ruled by it.   

Culture: An Evangelism Woodstock

In 1972, a massive event called Explo ‘72 took place in Dallas, Texas. Thousands of young adults gathered from all over the country and were inspired and equipped to take the gospel of Jesus Christ into their communities and around the world. On this year’s 50th anniversary of Explo ‘72, evangelist Nick Hall is hosting a 21st-century version of that historic gathering. Called Together ‘22, this free event will take place at Cotton Bowl stadium in Dallas on June 24-25. Nick joins us to talk about how sharing the gospel in 2022 is both similar to and different from how it was done 50 years ago. What are the unique challenges and opportunities he sees today? Join us for this exciting conversation and details on this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Link to Event: Sign up for Together ‘22

Inbox: Defining the Relationship Already?  

She’s been going on dates with the same guy for eight weeks, but neither of them has defined their relationship. Is it time for her to say something, or should she wait for him to take initiative and speak up? Our host Lisa Anderson weighs in.

Article: Whose Job Is It to Define the Relationship?

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