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June 24, 2021

What’s Marriage Really Like?: Episode 699

51:59 – 

Marriage expectations versus reality, plus intentional friendships and dating, and should she take back her ex after getting dumped?

Featured musical artist: JJ Heller 

Roundtable: Marriage Expectations Meet Reality

It’s easy to daydream about a wedding and what a great marriage will look like. Romantic settings, expensive dates, love that lasts for decades. Those thoughts make you feel good, but how realistic are they? To discuss the reality of marriage, we brought in some newly-married couples to share about their experiences with the realities of marriage. They’ll share ways marriage has been both more challenging than they thought but also better than they expected.   

Culture: Intentional Relationships (Part 1)

As a single adult, your life is full of opportunities to cultivate life-giving relationships. Whether it’s making good friends, searching for a spouse, or preparing for marriage, it’s a wonderful time to lay a solid foundation for your relational future. Dan Houk and Kris Swiatocho are passionate about helping Christian singles build healthy friendships and date well. In part one of our conversation, they discuss their own experiences with dating, why relationships fail, and how to recognize your own blind spots.   

Inbox: Give Your Ex a Second Chance?

She’s still reeling over how he dumped her for another girl. However, he’s apologized and wants her back. Should she give him a second chance? Lisa Anderson weighs in. 

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