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November 5, 2020

Who Is the Devil?: Episode 666

46:04 – 

Remaining hopeful amid the losses of 2020, plus Lisa’s pastor answers questions about Satan, and a listener and his girlfriend disagree on baptism. 

Featured musical artist: Stu Garrard

Roundtable: Losses of 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, its effects are still being felt. Many have experienced loss and have had to make drastic changes to events like wedding ceremonies, graduations and funerals. Some have lost jobs, others have lost loved ones. We’ve all lost daily life the way we once knew it. How can we stay positive with all that’s happened? Our guests talk about personal losses and life-altering adjustments they’ve faced this year, but also how their faith in Jesus has sustained them through the most difficult moments.   

Culture: Understanding Satan

We’ve seen him in cartoons and as a Halloween costume, blamed him for our own bad behavior, and heard fire and brimstone sermons about him and a place called hell. But who exactly is the devil, and what is he up to on any given day? Pastor Mark Bates will answer these tricky questions and give wisdom for recognizing and resisting Satan’s schemes. He’ll also shed light on the Antichrist and the number 666 (this week’s episode number!). Best of all, he’ll remind us of what the devil has coming to him at the end of the age.  

Inbox: Disagreement on Infant Baptism

He knows she’s a wonderful Christian who loves God and lives out her faith, but they disagree on how and when to get baptized. She’s for infant baptism; he’s for believer’s baptism. How can they move forward in spite of this disagreement? Pastor Mark Bates weighs in.

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