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Culture Segment

Settling for Mr. Good Enough

Guests: Lori Gottlieb,

27:47 – 

Lori Gottlieb thought she knew what she wanted in a man, and she assumed she’d get it. She also wanted love, companionship and a family. But at 37 she was still single. Racing against her own biological clock, she signed up for a sperm donor, got pregnant and had her son. She was now a single parent, and dating was bringing her no closer to Mr. Right. She wrote about her frustrations a few years later in an article that became the New York Times bestselling book Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough. It’s an exploration of the assumptions women make about our future mates, and how, Lori argues, we’re shutting ourselves off from some wonderfully eligible marriage partners as a result. Lori talks with me about her journey (she’s still single at 42) and how she came to embrace these truths that honestly could’ve been pulled from the pages of Boundless. This is a great conversation with a woman who, while not writing as a Christian nor from a Christian perspective, offers via her experience and the wisdom she gleaned a sobering dose of reality for women everywhere.

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