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Roundtable Segment

The Duggars are Here

Guests: The Duggars,

27:06 – 

It was total pandemonium when the Duggars descended upon the Focus on the Family campus. And trust me, the Duggar kids weren’t the crazy ones; it was the Focus employees and Colorado Springs residents that had to be subdued. Duggarmania escalated as Jim Bob, Michelle and their entire brood (minus baby Josie, who stayed home) taped interviews with Focus’ daily broadcast and The Boundless Show (below), visited Whit’s End, headlined a community event hosted at our campus, and signed copies of their latest book, A Love That Multiplies. Jim Bob and Michelle are now in the process of preparing 19 current and future young adults for life in the world; how do they do it? What informs their parenting, and what are their hopes and dreams for their kids’ futures? We also hear the story of their journey to marriage and the advice they give those of us still waiting for ours to unfold.

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