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When Your Friend Dumps You

a woman with a paper bag over her head stands alone in the desert

Being “dumped” by a significant other is a topic we’re collectively familiar with. But people rarely talk about being dumped by a friend.

6 Steps to Great Dating

Just because we can’t find dating in the Bible doesn’t make it wrong. But you will need to go against the grain of your culture.

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Your wedding day is fast approaching and the invitations have all been sent. Is it too late to admit the nagging feeling that you’ve made a bad match?

Escaping Envy

Why anyone who’s serious about friendship will do what it takes to put down jealousy.

Harem Dating, Part 2

Prof Theo (with a big hand from his wife) straightens out Jordan on sending mixed signals, and on what women really want.

Motherhood On Trial

Motherhood is a blessing, but sometimes even strong pro-lifers subconsciously think otherwise. Megan shows us why.