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Is the United States a Christian nation or a nation in need of Christ?

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6 Reasons Why I'm a Follower of Jesus


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One Thing I’m Glad I Pursued as a Young Adult: 6 Authors Weigh In

Today by Boundless Community

We asked some of the Pursuit 2015 speakers and special guests what’s one thing they’re glad they pursued as a young adult. Here’s what they said: L..

God’s Not Surprised: Episode 382

Today by Lisa Anderson

Listen to this week’s show! Question to discuss: How has past sin kept you from believing that God loves you and has good things in store for your life? ..

Getting Your Dream Job

1 day ago by Josh Loke

So you’re a young adult. You’ve finished high school, possibly graduated from college, and now you look at the world before you: a vast array of opportunities,..

So Thankful God Said No

1 day ago by Joshua Rogers

A few years ago, God answered a prayer of mine and finally said yes to my request for the Big Thing. It doesn’t really matter what the Big Thing was — ma..

How Not to Waste the Waiting

6 days ago by Boundless Community

by Dorothy Camak Rory Gilmore, a character in the TV show “Gilmore Girls,” taught me that it is vital to always carry a book with you. You never kn..

Podcast Section

God's Not Surprised: Episode 382

May 28, 2015

[1:01:11] - Bringing a broken past full circle, plus Os Guinness on having the courage to doubt, and a listener wonders if her introversion is off-putting.


Should a husband and wife have similar values and convictions?


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