21st-Century Love: Introducing 'Dateship'

21st-Century Love: Introducing 'Dateship'

There is no perfect path that leads to marriage. It takes persistence, prayer and courage.

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The Dangerous Beauty of Friendship


Career-and-Family Balance

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Why I Think Long-Distance Dating Is a Good Thing

Today by Ashley Boyer1

After Tyler and I decided to date, we had a long talk about what it would look like for him to pursue me from two states away. We knew it wouldn’t be eas..

My Saturday at Pursuit 2014

1 day ago by Lisa Anderson3

I woke up the Saturday morning of Pursuit feeling both excited and nervous. I hadn't slept too well — probably because when I went to bed I was both ..

Five Questions With a Viral YouTube Evangelist

1 day ago by Joshua Rogers1

When Jefferson Bethke was only 22 years old, he produced a YouTube video called "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus," in which he performed a spoken..

Pursuit 2014: August 8 Recap

3 days ago by Anthony Ashley2

Friday of Pursuit 2014 was a rich day. The speakers brought their A-game, and the attendees kept the vibe good and the energy high. Morning Worship Abby Merkel..

Your Turn: Safety...It's Not an Option!

4 days ago by Boundless Community2

A few weeks ago I got lost. A wrong exit off the highway, a wrong turn at a roundabout, an "Uh-I'll-try-this-road!" somewhere along the way, and ..

Podcast Section

Culture Club: Episode 345

Sep 11, 2014

[48:50] - Shining Christ in an ever-changing culture, plus Andy Crouch on a biblical use of power, and a listener needs help in getting over a crush.  


I don't want to marry, so why should I?

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