She's Your Collaborator, Not Your Competition

She's Your Collaborator, Not Your Competition

Will a woman's education and job experience help or hinder her future marriage?

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Solomon's Line on Premarital Sex


Grad School Grief (and Gain)

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3 Ways to Avoid Online Dating Fatigue

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“It’s just another way to feel rejected.” After the high of the first few weeks of online dating, where the possibilities seemed endless and hope sprang up lik..

Life After Death: Episode 370

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Listen to this week’s show! Question to discuss: Do you look forward to eternity? Why or why not? Roundtable: When Death Gets Personal We know death come..

The Christian Dancing Circle Has Got to Go

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I was at a wedding last weekend, which is nothing out of the ordinary — my friends have been getting married for about the last 10 years now, to all different ..

Is God Really a Good Father?

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During one of the earliest days of my life, I remember swinging my younger brother on a swing attached to a big oak tree in our front yard. He was standing on ..

March Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

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The March desktop wallpaper calendar features a quote from that endless source of quotes: C. S. Lewis. If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never ha..

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Life After Death: Episode 370

Mar 05, 2015

[48:56] - Grieving the death of those we love, plus Kara Tippetts faces her final days with grace, and a listener asks when to involve his parents in his intent to date.


How should one date after several years away from Christ?


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