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Et Cetera: Persecution Avoidance, Try vs. Do, Marriage at 25

Today by Anthony Ashley

Welcome to Et Cetera, where we feature some of our favorite internet content for the week. If you’d like to recommend that we feature something (even if it’s y..

Caught Between Two Unbeliefs

Today by Boundless Community

The people in my church knew we should evangelize. But it filled us with dread. We weren’t doing it because we didn’t know how. My church sent its people to tr..

Indebted: Episode 401

1 day ago by Lisa Anderson

Listen to this week’s show! Question to discuss: What was/is your experience with student debt? What would you do differently if given the chance? If you..

Our Identity Myopia

2 days ago by Ashley Boyer Hendley

“Find your identity in Christ.” I’ve heard this phrase tossed around so many times since I became a believer in junior high school. Didn’t get into your first ..

4 Phrases that Bugged Me When I Was Single

3 days ago by Suzanne Hadley Gosselin

I was single until I was 30. During that time, when I spent time with my married peers, there were some things they said that really bugged me. Now that I’m ma..

Podcast Section

Indebted: Episode 401

Oct 08, 2015

[50:57] - True stories of tackling student debt, plus Alex Chediak talks college loan strategies, and a listener thinks her boyfriend has too many female friends.


How can I get my boyfriend to talk more?

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