A New Model for Living Single

A New Model for Living Single

Be refreshingly honest, pour out your heart to a kind God, build a spiritual family, and live a full-throttle life.

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What Your Church Leaders Wished You Knew


I Am Not Invisible

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Fat. Single. Christian.

1 day ago by Joy Beth Smith

Dating is not easy. Dating as an overweight woman is significantly more difficult. Dating as an overweight Christian woman is seemingly impossible. “I see how ..

The Power of Encouragement

1 day ago by Julianna Keck

As I was sitting at my desk preparing to write this article, the sweetest gift appeared around the corner of my cubicle. Diana, a lovely coworker I recently me..

The (Not) Great Divorce: Episode 438

2 days ago by Boundless Community

Listen to this week’s show! Question to Discuss: Any great ideas for coping with parental divorce when you’re an adult? Roundtable: Family Dissolut..

Learning to Love the Church

2 days ago by Boundless Community

Picking a church feels a bit like picking a spouse. We’re supposed to commit to a church and serve it, but there are many options, and none of them are perfect..

A Lesson in Learning to Love Others

3 days ago by Ashley Boyer Hendley

I struggle with the literal part of Scripture’s command to love my neighbor. Partly it’s because I don’t know where to start; I don’t like small talk and I don..

Podcast Section

The (Not) Great Divorce: Episode 438

Jun 23, 2016

[54:09] - How your parents’ divorce still affects you, plus Ron Deal on processing your parents' split, and should you share a hotel room with the opposite sex?

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