Heart on Hold

Heart on Hold

Navigating a series of "almost" relationships can be wearisome. But this inconvenient process may also be the very means God is using to mature you.

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Self-Realization or Self-Gift?

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Given New Life

Today by Amy Seed0

One morning on my way to work last week, I took particular notice of my surroundings. The air had a touch of warmth, and the sun was shining in a clear blue sk..

What Are Your Non-Negotiables in a Spouse?

1 day ago by Vance Fry27

I was skimming my Facebook feed the other night when I noticed a post titled, "The Four Things You Need in A Husband." It's the kind of post I mi..

Time to Say Goodbye

1 day ago by Matt Kaufman5

I'll try not to get too mushy, but I'll tell you right up front that I'm feeling sentimental. Goodbye letters are like that. My roots at Boundless ..

Getting Free From Your Old Identity

2 days ago by Joshua Rogers4

One of my greatest regrets in life happened during my driver's education class in ninth grade. I was assigned to a car that I shared with an instructor and..

Is Your Heart on Hold?

2 days ago by Ashley Boyer13

As I read today’s article, “Heart on Hold,” I started nodding in agreement within the very first paragraph. As a single who has dated far lon..

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The Family Project: Episode 324

Apr 17, 2014

[1:06:30] - God’s redemptive plan for your family, plus Tim Sisarich tackles family brokenness, and a couple doubts they can reach their wedding day without having se....


After a two-year dating fast, how can I begin dating again?


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