Alex Chediak

Alex Chediak (Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley) is a professor of engineering and physics at California Baptist University. He is the author of Thriving at College (Tyndale House, 2011), Preparing Your Teens for College (Tyndale House, 2014), and Beating the College Debt Trap (Zondervan, 2015). He's written for Christian College Guide, Boundless, and many other publications. He has appeared on Focus on the Family and has spoken to churches and college ministries all over the country. Alex; his wife, Marni; and their three children reside in Riverside, Calif.

Photo of a young adult Asian woman living with her parents

Living With Your Parents: How to Make It Work

Oct 05, 2015|Alex Chediak

It's not all bad; it's also not all good.

Career-and-Family Balance

Career-and-Family Balance

Sep 08, 2014|Alex Chediak

How single men can prepare now for a happy family life later

Switching Jobs

Jul 03, 2012|Alex Chediak

How should post-college Christians respond to desires or opportunities to switch jobs or careers? Here are four principles to guide you in making this decision.

God's Purpose for Christmas

Dec 21, 2011|Alex Chediak

What exactly are we celebrating?  

When Life's Unfair

Sep 21, 2011|Alex Chediak

The book of Ecclesiastes is an honest response to the painful reality that life sometimes feels out of control, cruelly random and meaningless.  

Thinking About Grad School? Part 2

Sep 01, 2011|Alex Chediak

Help for figuring out if graduate school would help you better pursue God's calling on your life

Thinking About Grad School? Part 1

Aug 31, 2011|Alex Chediak

Help for figuring out if graduate school would help you better pursue God's calling on your life

Choosing Your Major

Choosing Your Major

Aug 17, 2011|Alex Chediak

How to find what excites you, will qualify you for a job, and uses your gifts and talents

Man sitting reading the business section of the newspaper

So You Think You're a Leader?

Jun 23, 2011|Alex Chediak

How your current circumstances can be the training ground for future successes

Living out of Balance

Apr 05, 2011|Alex Chediak

Work and recreation matter to God

Guard Your Marriage

Mar 16, 2011|Alex Chediak

Overcoming sexual guilt and avoiding infidelity in your new marriage

A Balanced View on Singleness

A Balanced View on Singleness

Sep 12, 2009|Alex Chediak

In community with God's people, singles can discern their calling and (where appropriate) pursue marriage honorably. 

The Altar: Not the Finish Line

The Altar: Not the Finish Line

Jul 30, 2009|Alex Chediak

For many men, getting married is viewed as the end of a process. Nope. It's only the beginning.

Closing the Deal

Closing the Deal

Feb 10, 2009|Alex Chediak

Don't sacrifice integrity just to get a good deal.

Vocation Plans

Vocation Plans

Oct 22, 2008|Alex Chediak

Choosing an occupation can be dizzying. Doesn't have to be that way.

Big Talker

Jul 10, 2008|Alex Chediak

Exaggerations and over-commitments seem fairly benign. They're not.

Play Time

Jan 03, 2008|Alex Chediak

Are you recreating, or merely entertaining yourself?

Christians and Competition

Christians and Competition

Sep 06, 2007|Alex Chediak

Pursue winning, but Christianly.

The Fruit of Immaturity

The Fruit of Immaturity

May 10, 2007|Alex Chediak

It's time to grow up.

Get Married, Young Man

Sep 14, 2006|Alex Chediak

For most men, a godly wife will bring blessings that nothing else can.