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Eric Demeter

Eric’s passion is to invigorate people for Christ and to create opportunities for the marginalized around the world. He also loves teaching on topics such as conflict resolution, identity, relationships, and spiritual formation. He holds an undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary science from Purdue University. In addition, he earned a Master’s degree in theological studies from Bethel College (IN), but admits he's really only a master at jumping rope (in which he can do triples).

hipster man writing on chalkboard with long formula

Forget the Christian Formula

Sep 18, 2017|Eric Demeter

I used to think that certain behaviors would qualify me for God's blessings. Then I discovered true success is based on a person, not a procedure.

bored girl lying on sofa

Busting Spiritual Boredom

May 29, 2017|Eric Demeter

Bored with your faith? Here's how to get out of the rut.

A bride and groom in a car

Don't Marry Yourself

Nov 21, 2016|Eric Demeter

Here's what you really need in a potential spouse.