"Bless": Episode 161

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"Bless": Episode 161

Feb 24, 2011
Guests: Dr. John Trent, Craig Groeschel, Candice Watters, Martha Krienke, Leon Wirth, Dr. Tony Wheeler and Jesse Florea

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Dr. John Trent reveals the power of blessing others, plus Craig Groeschel on honoring spiritual leaders and a question about dating someone's ex.


Be a Blessing

Guests: Dr. John Trent, Martha Krienke, Jesse Florea, Leon Wirth and Dr. Tony Wheeler

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He may have already told you if you're a lion, otter, beaver or golden retriever, but Dr. John Trent has something new to share. He and his colleague Dr. Tony Wheeler join this week's roundtable to discuss the power of active blessing in someone's life. "If you're not blessing, you're cursing," John says. John and Tony unveil The Blessing Challenge and detail five ways that you can both give and receive blessing in a way that's meaningful to both parties. When was the last time you intentionally added value to someone's life through words, meaningful touch or other means? You can't remember? Well, get started today.

Standing on Their Shoulders

Guests: Craig Groeschel

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When I heard Craig Groeschel speak on this subject at Catalyst 2010, I knew I had to have him on the show. In fact, this message earned a standing O from the 13,000-plus attendees. What was it? A smackdown. And you know I love smackdowns. Craig, pastor of LifeChurch.tv in Oklahoma, basically told an arena full of young adults that we have not honored those in spiritual leadership over us; in some cases, we've ignored them completely. But the ministry we're doing today is built on their foundational work and the legacies they've left and are leaving. Craig shares why remembering those who've gone before us and respecting those who are now leading us is key to being effective in what God is calling us to do. We've got a lot to learn.

Dating Someone's Ex

Guests: Candice Watters

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They've broken up, but she's your friend and there seems to be an unwritten "code" that her now ex-boyfriend is off limits. Is he? Because you really like him! Candice and I help a listener decide if her friend's ex is dateable and what that means for the relationship between her and her friend.