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December 29, 2015

Roundtable Segment

His Needs, Her Needs

by Wyatt Fisher Being single is filled with all sorts of thoughts, feelings and experiences. You may struggle during this phase of life because you long for intimacy and companionship with a spouse. While the wait can sometimes feel like forever, it’s …

Countdown to Pursuit 2015

A slew of people have been busy all week preparing for Pursuit 2015! Here are a few photos of what we’ve been doing to get ready for today’s launch. To enjoy the calm before the storm, we went to Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery on Tuesday. The pastries were …

Meet the Pursuit 2015 Q&A Panelists

If you have important questions about life and love burning in your mind and you need a safe place to ask them, then come to Pursuit 2015! At the general session Q&A Friday night, you’ll have the chance to submit your written question anonymously, …

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