If It's Broke, Fix It: Episode 202

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If It's Broke, Fix It: Episode 202

Dec 15, 2011
Guests: Jenna Kroeker, Martha Krienke, Travis Williams and Rebecca St. James

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Breaking bad relationship patterns, plus Rebecca St. James and a question about gaining confidence around guys. Featured musical artist: Hawk Nelson


Hard Habit to Break

Guests: Martha Krienke, Travis Williams and Jenna Kroeker

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Do you ever wonder why your dating relationships fail? Or why they never get off the ground in the first place? It could be because you're stuck in a bad behavioral pattern. Maybe you date the wrong people, or you move too fast, or you're in relationships only to feed your insecurities. The good news is there's hope for getting out of your relational rut. Our panel shares insight from our own experiences, and proves that while the process often isn't pretty, the outcome is almost always worth the work.

What's He Thinking

Guests: Rebecca St. James

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Ladies, what would you give to climb into the minds of the guys around you? OK, maybe that would be a bit scary, but no worries: Rebecca St. James has done it for us. For her book What Is He Thinking?Rebecca interviewed a bunch of her male friends on the subjects of attraction, dating, identity, boundaries and more. She dishes some of her biggest finds to me, some of which may be surprising.

Three Seconds


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It's not that she's completely antisocial; she just becomes that way around guys, especially ones she finds attractive. Our listener says she's fearful, awkward and can hardly put two words together around the opposite sex. She's looking for practical ways to practice social interaction, so I provide some ideas, beginning with a three-second stare.