Preach!: Episode 194

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Preach!: Episode 194

Oct 20, 2011
Guests: Andrew Hess, Martha Krienke, Rajeev Shaw, Candice Watters and Kevin Carlson

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Our favorite pastors, plus living an intentional life and a question about the attention of older men at church. Featured musical artist: Steven Curtis Chapman


Reverence for Reverends

Guests: Martha Krienke, Andrew Hess and Rajeev Shaw

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Whether your pastor is your dad or a ministry megastar, he's no doubt had an influence on you. Our panel reflects on what makes a great pastor and what has made the most difference in our lives when it comes to relating to the guys who populate our pulpits. We also dish on our fave podcasting preachers and share some ideas for how to honor your pastor now during Clergy Appreciation Month.

One Step at a Time

Guests: Dr. Randy Carlson

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Dr. Randy Carlson loves being intentional, so of course we at Boundless (Intention Central) couldn't pass up the opportunity to chat with a guy who's charted a course for getting important things done. His book The Power of One Thing is a clarion call to focus on what's important by eliminating the irrelevant and making small but cumulative steps toward necessary goals. We talk about the implications for everything from relationships to work to church. And in true Lisa A fashion I ask him if he's all talk or if he's actually applied any of this to himself. Bam!

Close Encounters of the Old Kind

Guests: Candice Watters

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It's nice to be noticed, but not necessarily when it's at church and by guys who could be your grandpa. Our listener is wondering what's appropriate when it comes to attention (and affection) from older men and what she should do when she feels a line has been crossed. Candice joins me to address the "creeper factor" in this dilemma.