Mentorship Made Easy: Episode 245

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Mentorship Made Easy: Episode 245

Oct 11, 2012
Guests: James Groesbeck, Ted Kluck, Thomas Voss, Steve Reinke and Martha Krienke

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Easy ways to fit mentoring into your life, plus Ted Kluck on discipling an ex-con, and a question about addressing issues in your parents' marriage. Featured musical artist: Brandon Heath


Entry-Level Mentoring

Guests: Thomas Voss, Steve Reinke and Martha Krienke

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It's easy for me to think I don't have time for a mentor, or to be a mentor. But somehow I have time to run. And eat. And go to Target. And watch "The Voice." So doesn't it make sense that I can kill two birds and do these things with someone? And aren't there a number of conversations that could come up while That Person and I were doing them? Our panel gives some simple ideas for getting someone into your life with little effort and intimidation. No excuses!

Let's Fix This Car

Guests: Ted Kluck

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I don't know much about cars. Neither did Ted Kluck, until Dallas Jahncke came into his life. Ted agreed to disciple Dallas, an ex-con and former drug addict. But Ted learned pretty quickly that sipping lattes at Starbucks wasn't going to cut it, so he and Dallas started restoring an old car. Ted tells the whole story in Dallas and the Spitfire and shares with us the fascinating details of how it all went down.

Bite Your Tongue

Guests: James Groesbeck

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Our listener sees some disturbing patterns in her parents' marriage, but wonders if it's her place to step in and offer counsel. How can she share wisdom and support while maintaining proper boundaries? Counselor James Groesbeck weighs in.