Playing to Your Strengths: Episode 219

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Playing to Your Strengths: Episode 219

Apr 12, 2012
Guests: Sam Hoover, Carrie Kintz, Martha Krienke, Zoro and Chris Via

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Letting God shape your career through ups and downs, plus professional drummer Zoro, and a question about Greek life in college. Featured musical artist: Zoro


Take This Job and Love It

Guests: Martha Krienke, Carrie Kintz and Sam Hoover

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This week's panel shares our collective experience of surviving and thriving in work environments that have sometimes had us scratching our heads and asking, "Why?" Your career won't always progress in a straight line or according to (your) plan, but there are ways to maximize where you are and make the most of the journey. Who knows? You may even discover a new talent or passion in the process.

To a Different Drum

Guests: Zoro

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Zoro has played drums on some of the biggest stages in the world. As the drummer for music greats from Lenny Kravitz to Bobby Brown to Franki Valli, Zoro has seen it all. But it hasn't kept him from focusing on what's most important — his relationship with Jesus Christ. In our interview, Zoro, author of The Big Gig, shares his mission to live out the Gospel in an industry wracked with pride and pain, to play drums to the glory of God, and to keep faith and family first. Oh, and he gave me a pair of drumsticks. Maybe I can become his understudy?

It's Greek to Me

Guests: Chris Via

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Lots of college students do it; they pledge a fraternity or sorority. Is that OK? How does giving your allegiance to a brotherhood or sisterhood align with biblical principles? Chris Via from the Focus Leadership Institute weighs in.