Spousal Pursuit: Episode 233

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Spousal Pursuit: Episode 233

Jul 19, 2012
Guests: Candice Watters, Diedre Dewitt, James Eldrege and Martha Krienke

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Current views on dating, plus Justin Buzzard talks about dating after marriage, and a question on deep conversations before marriage. Featured musical artist: The Divide


Dating in 2012

Guests: Martha Krienke, James Eldrege and Diedre Dewitt

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So what are the current views of dating? There seems to be a lot of information floating around about what dating is and how it should be approached. Lisa, Martha, and Boundless interns James and Diedre discuss views and customs of the current dating scene, as well as discussing dating before and after marriage and how men should initiate the dating relationship.

Date Your Wife

Guests: Justin Buzzard

[25:56] - 

Dating tends to go out the window once you walk down the aisle, but Justin Buzzard says the best dating begins after marriage. Buzzard's new book, Date Your Wife, focuses on the thrills and benefits of pursuing and wooing your wife, and he’s in the Boundless hot seat to discuss how this concept is important to single men and women. Buzzard speaks to singles on their vision of marriage, qualities to look for in a spouse, and making an idol of marriage.

Hold the Phone

Guests: Candice Watters

[7:16] - 

Good conversations are critical in a dating relationship, but where is the boundary line when it comes to becoming too emotionally intimate? Candice Watters answers.