Treasure Hunt: Episode 242

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Treasure Hunt: Episode 242

Sep 20, 2012
Guests: Randy Alcorn, John Thomas, Martha Krienke, Gary Schneeberger and Doug Sommer

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How we spend, save and give our money, plus Randy Alcorn on a biblical view of money, and a question about tithing when your parents oppose it. Featured musical artist: Mark Schultz


Spending Habits

Guests: Martha Krienke, Gary Schneeberger and Doug Sommer

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Some people are savers, some are spenders; which one are you? This week's roundtable gathers shopaholics, coupon clippers, budget crunchers and those with no budget at all for a discussion of our spending and saving habits, how they came to be, and how they stack up against Scripture.

How Randy Alcorn Gives

Guests: Randy Alcorn

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Randy Alcorn is a wildly successful author and speaker, yet lives what he describes as a "lower-middle-income" lifestyle. Say what? Learn how Randy has let the Bible's teaching on "storing up treasure" influence the way he stewards money. If you want a massively convicting read, check out his book The Treasure Principle.

Tithing Tension

Guests: John Thomas

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Our listener knows he should tithe, but his parents disapprove. How can he honor God with his resources while honoring his parents? John Thomas provides some perspective.