Good Money: Episode 262

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Good Money: Episode 262

Feb 07, 2013
Guests: Ivette Diaz, Bethany Palmer, Scott Palmer, Martha Krienke, Amanda Clonts and Andrew Hess

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Stories of financial blessing, plus a discussion of money “personalities," and a question about serving God when cash is scarce. Featured musical artist: Red


A Cheerful Giver

Guests: Amanda Clonts, Andrew Hess and Martha Krienke

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We all can probably think of a time when we received an unexpected financial blessing. It came at just the right time and in a way we never would have predicted. Did we reflect on the goodness of God and His provision as a result, or did we let the moment pass? Likewise, have we taken the opportunity to bless others when it's in our means to do so, even if it's not comfortable?

Your Money Personality

Guests: Bethany Palmer and Scott Palmer

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Are you a saver, spender, security seeker, risk taker or flyer? The Money Couple can tell you. More importantly, they'll tell you what your money personality says when it comes to thinking about and using money. They'll also show how our attitudes about money affect our relationships, and how preparing for marriage involves thinking about money beyond just debt, budgets and retirement. Take the Money Personality Quiz before listening to this segment; it only takes about 10 minutes!

Too Poor to Serve?

Guests: Ivette Diaz

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She'd love to drop everything she's doing and serve the Lord, but debt and a job that barely pays the bills is holding her back. What can she do right where she is to make a difference? Boundless blogger and Focus Leadership Institute staffer Ivette Diaz weighs in.