Who Is Lisa Anderson?: Episode 288

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Who Is Lisa Anderson?: Episode 288

Aug 08, 2013
Guests: James Holt, Martha Krienke, Sarah Mason, Susie Larson and Candice Watters

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Balancing relationships with family and friends, plus a glimpse into the life of Lisa Anderson, and a question about persistent pursuit.

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Friends and Family

Guests: James Holt, Martha Krienke and Sarah Mason

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There are obvious transitions that come with young adulthood; education, career and marriage are the "big rocks" that most young adults have to navigate, often in rapid succession. But there are other shifts that occur, too. Balancing the world of family and friends can bring its own share of relationship tension and change. You're grown up, but your family is still important to you. Yet your friends occupy a good chunk of your time as well. How do you choose? Is blood thicker than water? If you still live near (or with) family, prioritizing it all can be even more daunting. Here are some strategies for fitting everyone in.


Turning the Tables on Lisa Anderson

Guests: Susie Larson

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Lisa Anderson has hosted The Boundless Show for over five years — since the very first show in January 2008. She's interviewed hundreds of panelists and experts, and drawn humor, wisdom and hope from them all. But what about her own story? Who is Lisa? What has God taught her through singleness, Boundless, friendship and her own mistakes? And does she still think it's weird when someone recognizes her voice? At the request of listeners who've asked for the tables turned on Lisa, Everyday Relationships host Susie Larson puts Lisa in the hot seat for the type of candid conversation that Lisa loves.

When to Quit

Guests: Candice Watters

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She turned him down, but does that mean his time is up? Could she change her mind? What should a guy think (and do) when he's hoping the girl of his dreams will give him a chance, even if she won't right now? Candice brings a balance of truth and grace to this tale of persistent pursuit.