Clams and Crowbars: Episode 357

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Clams and Crowbars: Episode 357

Dec 04, 2014
Guests: Jackson Dunn, Robb Erickson, Martha Krienke, Dr. David Clarke and Christina Browning

[46:11] - 

Do we really know what grace is?, plus David Clarke demystifies the communication styles of men and women, and a listener desperately wants a relationship.

Featured musical artist: Ginny Owens

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Do You Understand Grace?

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Patrick Dunn, Robb Erickson and Martha Krienke

[20:04] - 

You "say grace" before meals and sing "Amazing Grace" at church, but do you really understand grace? It's a small word with big implications. How do we accept God's grace in our lives, and how do we dole it out to others? Our panel does its best to wrap its collective head around the awesomeness of this thing called grace.

Communication Roadblocks

Guests: Dr. David Clarke

[19:05] - 

A girl asks a guy what he's thinking, and he responds with, "Nothing." Uh-oh. There begins the problem that Dr. David Clarke addresses in Men Are Clams, Women Are Crowbars. How can understanding the unique wiring of males and females help you navigate communication with the opposite sex? Dr. Clarke shows you how.

I Don't Want to Be Alone

Guests: Christina Browning

[4:17] - 

She wants a relationship. Badly. Is there a way to desire marriage without feeling desperate about it? Christina Browning offers encouragement.