A Clean Break: Episode 363

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A Clean Break: Episode 363

Jan 15, 2015
Guests: Carrie Kintz, Deanna McClannahan, Matt Chandler and Christina Browning

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Guidelines for break-ups, plus Matt Chandler outlines the stages of a healthy relationship, and a listener needs help battling feelings of apathy and fear.

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How to End a Relationship

Guests: Carrie Kintz and Deanna McClannahan

[20:32] - 

Starting a relationship is hard; ending it (or at least ending it well) can seem nearly impossible. Misread cues, hurt feelings, dashed hopes — all of these things can derail our best break-up intentions. Is there a way to end a relationship with minimal drama and maximum care for both parties? Our panel shares from the break-up trenches.

Anatomy of a Romance

Guests: Matt Chandler

[18:33] - 

First comes attraction, then comes dating, courtship and marriage. So says pastor Matt Chandler in his latest book, The Mingling of Souls. He has plenty of advice for singles who want to make it to the relationship finish line. Listen as he dispenses advice for moving through the very defined stages of dating.

Overcoming Hopelessness

Guests: Christina Browning

[5:34] - 

She's struggling with feelings of fear, anxiety, and the general assumption that "nothing matters." And she's a Christian. Is there hope for her heart and mind? Counselor Christina Browning offers advice.