Best of 2015: Episode 413

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Best of 2015: Episode 413

Dec 31, 2015
Guests: Martha Krienke, Briana Stensrud, Jenny Wollen, Francis Chan, Lisa Chan and Candice Watters

[55:07] - 

Dating men out of your league, plus Francis and Lisa Chan on the eternal aspect of marriage, and Candice Watters helps a girl with a skinny fiance.

Featured Musical Artists: Sidewalk Prophets & Darlene Zschech

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Girls and Dating Leagues

Guests: Martha Krienke, Briana Stensrud and Jenny Wollen

[19:54] - 

Ever dated a guy out of your league? Ever wondered what league you're in? Or maybe you wish dating leagues didn't exist at all. This week the women take to the mics to unpack the inevitable puzzles and frustrations around a woman's experience in the world of dating leagues.

Marriage Ain't the Main Thing

Guests: Francis Chan and Lisa Chan

[26:38] - 

We know marriage is a good thing, but is it the most important thing? Francis and Lisa Chan, authors of You and Me Forever, say it's not, and make the case for first looking at marriage through the lens of eternity, then ordering our lives and loves accordingly. At the end of the segment, Lisa Anderson asks each of them to make a bold statement and an encouraging statement to young adults. Get ready to be blazed away.

He's Too Skinny

Guests: Candice Watters

[4:53] - 

They're engaged, but she's unsettled. She thinks her fiance is too small and skinny. Can her misgivings be overcome? Candice Watters offers advice.